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Riga Technical University

Riga Technical University (RTU) was founded in 1862, and it is one of the oldest technical univesities in Northern Europe. Having more than 17,000 students RTU offers over 20 academic and professional study programmes in English including PhD and Postgraduate research.

The academic performance of the RTU has received positive evaluation by international experts and the University is accredited by the Tertiary Education Council of the Republic of Latvia. The study programmes offered by the RTU have undergone international expertise and are officially accredited.

To date the RTU comprises 8 faculties: Architecture and Urban Planning, Building and Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, Power and Electrical Engineering, Engineering Economics, Materials Science and Applied Chemistry, and Transport and Mechanical Engineering.

RTU degrees are recognized in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, India, Pakistan and many other countries.





Riga Technical University offers accommodation on condition that students have already registered or will be registered at RTU at the beginning of the Accommodation Period and remain registered students throughout the Accommodation Period.
There are single and double rooms available for rent.  All Tenants have access to a kitchen (crockery and cutlery = pots & pans are  provided).


Programmes & Tuition Fees

Bachelor programmes in  English Duration Tuition fees
per year
Aviation Transport 4 years 3000 USD
Computer Systems 3 years 3000 USD
Civil Engineering 4.5 years 4750 USD
Transportation Engineering 4.5 years 4350 USD
Computer Systems 3 years 3000 USD
Electorins and Mobile Communication 3 years 2900 USD
Telecommunications 3 years 3000 USD
Entrepreneurship and Management 3 years 3000 USD
Chemistry 4 years 3000 USD
Chemical Technology 4 years 3000 USD
Adaptronics 4.5 years 3000 USD
Engineering Technology, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering  3 years 3000 USD
Medical Engineering and Physics 4.5 years 3000 USD
Technical Translation 4 years 3000 USD
Master programmes in  English Duration Tuition fees
per year
Civil Engineering
1/2,5 year
4550 USD
Computer Systems
2 years 3400 USD
Business Informatics
2 years 3300 USD
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
2 years 3250 USD
2 years 3400 USD
2 years 3300 USD
Entrepreneurship and Management
2 years 2900 USD
Business Finance
2 years 2900 USD
Civil Construction and Real Estate Management
1.5/2.5 years 2900 USD
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
1.5/2 years 5100 USD
Organization and Management of International Economic Relations
1.5/2.5 years
4000 USD
Urban and Regional Engineering Economics 1.5/2.5 years 2900 USD
Environmental Sciences 2 years 3400 USD
Engineering Technology, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering 2 years 3400 USD
Medical Engineering and Physics 1 year 3400 USD
Heat Power and Thermal Engineering 1.5/2.5 years 3400 USD
Nanoengineering 2 years 3400 USD
Technical Translation 1.5/2 years 3400 USD
Railway Transport 1,5/3 years 3300 USD
 PhD programmes in English Duration Tuition fees
per year
Applied Mechanics    3880 USD
Civil Engineering    3880 USD
Chemical Engineering    3880 USD
Computer Systems    3880 USD
Electrical and Power Engineering    3880 USD
Environmental Science    3880 USD
Image Processing and Computer Graphics    3880 USD
Power Industry    3880 USD
Technical Engineering of Transport Systems    3880 USD



Start dates

September and February

Application deadline

at least 3 months before the start date (November 1 for Februay start, June 1 for September start)


Living costs

400-600 EUR per month

CONTACT US to find out more, sign up for free of charge consultation and apply:

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